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About the Society

The society was established in 1961 and the aims of the society are to support those on the Island with Multiple Sclerosis and their families, emotionally and financially, whilst searching for the cause and cure of the disease.

For those newly diagnosed in Jersey, the link to the UK Multiple Sclerosis “Just diagnosed” offers information or alternatively contact Suki Douglas at Neurocare on 01534 623077.

For any member currently needing extra assistance on a more practical level, please get in touch with our Outreach Team, currently headed by Mark Cobden. We can help with a vast array of things such as aiding you in reaching your doctor's appointments, or Social Security etc, getting you appropriate aids into your homes, and can also arrange to take you out for coffee or lunch so that you can enjoy going out for a chat.

Should you wish to find out more about the MS Jersey branch then please have a look at our website. If you wish to make a donation to our society, it will be very gratefully received.

Phone a committee member:

07797 779903

Outreach Number:

07829 821606

Email us:

See our Events Page for forthcoming events!

Volunteers and support always welcome!

Welcome to the MS Society of Jersey Website

We are here to GRASP your hand in support, friendship and thanks, as we strive for a world free of MS.

G Grants to help our members adjust their day to day  lifestyle to accommodate living with MS.

R Research – donations to projects, which are propelling the treatment of MS forward and working towards a cure.

A Awareness - Around 100,000 people in the UK have MS. It is the most common disabling condition in young adults. Help us to stop MS.

S Support – monthly support in the form of exercise classes, massage and dietary supplementations.

P Positivity – helping those who live with or love someone with MS stay positive as they live with the condition.

“Together We Are Stronger”